Justice and Midnight Juggernauts…not quite…

Last night, Justice were playing in Toronto with Midnight Juggernauts at Circa – we were guestlisted but the show was insanely over-booked and to make a long protracted story shorter, they didn’t have room on the guestlist in the end; so no Justice / MJ for us!

After getting ‘punked’ by the guestlist police, I started walking along John and then Queen with my buddy Andrew (he’ll be throwing down some dance tunes soon for your ears), we had a few drinks at Shanghai Cowgirl until just before midnight. At that point, I started on my way home…navigating the streetcar tracks construction which forces you to detour even on foot. While navigating the yellow construction fence maze at Queen and Bathurst, I met my friend Jay and she was going to Rok Boutique on Bathurst Street. I hadn’t been yet and wanted to check it out, so I joined her for a drink. RB is a great bar for the rock scenesters (nice interior, small patio, intimate space inside) – the dj also spun some Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Placebo and PWEI which put a smile on my face. I will definitely have to check it out another night!

Later today, we are in rehearsals for our Spin Gallery set on Thursday Oct 25th, 2007. We’ll definitely be making a post after rehearsal is done!

Cameron S.


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