Releases in 2010…

2010 is looming and it is the time to get excited about upcoming, expected releases during 2010. Here is a list of the releases we are looking forward to.

Hot Chip – One Left Standing (February 9)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (March 9)
Frightened Rabbit – Winter of Mixed Drinks (March 9)
Coheed and Cambria – Year of the Black Rainbow (April 2010)
Mystery Jets (April 2010)

Other Upcoming Releases, with no official release date announced:

Arcade Fire
My Bloody Valentine (fingers crossed)

Let us know what releases are looking forward to during 2010.

Thanks Culture Addicts


Piano Lady

For the past few days the “piano lady” that lives above our apartment has been tickling the ivories non-stop. I am learning to really dislike the sound of piano because of this fact. I have never been a fan of piano played without accompaniment, but this has really become annoying. Why would someone bring a piano into an apartment? Why no soundproofing? Please Piano Lady, stop your late night repetitive playing or I will wish your piano to meet a tragic end.

Here is a solution: Get a keyboard and headphones, or wrap the hammers in rags.