Fever Ray is Art!

Last week, Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer Andersson aka 1/2 of indie-electronic darlings The Knife) won an award at Sweden’s P3 Guld public radio award show and gave the best acceptance speech – by not giving an acceptance speech. In The Knife, they are known for wearing masks, and Karin continues the tradition at the P3 Guld awards.

Watch the video below…

Cameron from Culture Addicts


Film Addiction: A Film By Street Artist Banksy

Banksy has a movie – yes, the street art mystery man is releasing his debut film about street art (of course). I was expecting that this would end up being an elaborate stunt for the sake if art, but the movie was premiered as scheduled this past weekend. Banksy’s debut film titled “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, had its international premiere on Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is due to hit cinemas throughout the UK on March 5th 2010. View the trailer below…

Banksy keeps his identity hidden throughout the movie – which is not surprising since his mystique is part of what makes him so interesting as an artist. You can find out more about his work on his website – http://banksy.co.uk/.

Once we see the film, we will do a full review. If anyone has seen it, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the movie.

Cameron from Culture Addicts

No Distance Left To Run – Blur Documentary

This past week I went to the one-night only showing of the Blur documentary “No Distance Left To Run” and felt compelled to write a review of the movie.

Blur have always produced some great albums from “Leisure” to “Think Tank”, but watching their history leading up to their huge comeback Hyde Park gigs added much more depth to the band. I have seen a number of interviews and videos over the years, but never realised how the band contained 4 distinct personalities – Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Alex James and Dave Rowntree were so different.

This film is for the fans – showing old footage and photos, telling stories of the rise of “brit-pop, and stories from the band members leading up to their reunion gigs. The film has really funny moments throughout and even non-fans would enjoy the interviews and short bite-size clips. The editing is superb – giving snippets of Blur’s music throughout. Hearing so many of their tracks throughout the documentary, it is hard to miss how many great songs they have written in the past. The most surprising moment is footage of their comeback Glastonbury Festival appearance where at the end of their performance of “Tender”, the crowd breaks out into spontaneous acapella singing of one of the tracks main lyrics.

If you missed the theatrical release of the documentary, you will soon be able to watch a 2 DVD set to be released in February 2010. The set contains the documentary and live concert film. The live DVD concert film was filmed over two nights at Hyde Park in July 2009. The multi-camera edit was filmed in HD by Giorgio Testi for Pulse Films and features stereo and surround sound options.

Disc 1
A documentary film directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace.

Disc 2
She’s So High. Girls & Boys. Tracy Jacks. There’s No Other Way. Jubilee.
Bad Head. Beetlebum. Out of Time. Trimm Trabb. Coffee and TV. Tender. Country House. Oily Water. Chemical World. Sunday Sunday. Parklife. End of the Century. To the End. This is a Low. Pop Scene. Advert. Song 2. Death of a Party. For Tomorrow. The Universal.

There is no release date in North America yet, but hopefully it will make its way to Canada and the US. It is well worth the rental for non-fans and purchase for Blur fans.

Prior to their documented 2009 Hyde Park shows, Blur had been on hiatus since 2003 and their last studio album was “Think Tank” which excluded guitarist Graham Coxon. After performing their final gig in July, Blur said they have no plans to record or play together again.

Cameron from Culture Addicts

Cool Web Promo Tools for Bands…

We have been pretty connected to what is happening on the web for musicians to promo themselves. We wanted to share some of our favourite tools and applications to help other musicians market their bands, projects and music for free. Please keep in mind, we aren’t going to be showcasing all possibilities and options, just our favourite tools that are helping us get seen on the web.

1. Twiturm – Very cool tool to upload your music and include them with your tweets. You add your songs to Twiturm and it creates a page containing a media player where the user can stream your tracks. You can also allow the users to download them as well. Make sure to encourage your followers to visit the page and also retweet links to your tracks. Find out more about Twiturm here.

Twiturm Screenshot

2. Music Glue – Good site for getting your music out and collecting fan email addresses. Fans can download multiple tracks once they register, and you control the mailing list. The tagline says it all “The Band is the Brand”. Find out more about Music Glue here.

Music Glue Screenshot

3. Reverbnation ‘My Band’ – Create band / artist widgets for Facebook. It jams a bunch of cool features into a small Facebook page real estate. All the great stuff on Reverbnation in a tiny package. Find out more about Reverbnation ‘My Band’ here.

Reverbnation My Band Screenshot

We hope these are helpful and if you have any other cool band apps / sites you want to share, please add them in the comments under the post.