Short Film Premiere: The Other Marty

Grab The Other Marty Soundtrack album which is available for free download now. The album features music by The Video Nasty, songs by Large Mound & remixes by Corrugated Tunnel, Neosupervital, Lmd64, Colin J Morris & Anthony Mackey and is being released as a free download.

Download the album here:

The soundtrack is an 80’s influenced electronic score by The Video Nasty AKA Ian Lawton (formerly of the band Omelette) which lends itself easily to remixing in a cross section of styles including Hip Hop, Disco, Ambient, rock and just plain strange.

This album is being given away for free to promote the upcoming premiere of the short film The Other Marty at the Underground Cinema screening at The Kingston Hotel, Dun Laoghaire at 7:30 Tickets €5 and includes a full program of Irish short films. For more information, visit

THE OTHER MARTY – MOVIE TRAILER from Reasonably Shorts on Vimeo.

The film is written & directed by Ian Lawton and features Tom O’Leary (Fair City) & Steve Wilson (The Tudors).

More about the film:

More about the music:


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