Young Galaxy Release New Video and Announce Tour

Young Galaxy Shapeshifting

Young Galaxy announced that they will be embarking on a global tour this fall, touring Europe and playing alongside electro-popsters Junior Boys for select North American shows.

They also released a cool new video for the track ‘Blown Minded’ which is the second single from their album. ‘Shapeshifting’. The ‘Blown Minded’ video was created by Montreal-based artist Carine Khalifé. With paint as her medium, Carine spent four months creating a series of paintings captured frame by frame with a fixed camera. The process took place inside a darkroom, with a single light source coming from beneath the glass to reveal various textures and brush movements. “I worked a lot with transparency. The more paint, the darker the image, and therefore the animation became about gesture, and the texture of brushstrokes. It’s a very physical, organic process. Everything is based on the rhythm” – she explains. Watch the video below:

For more information on Young Galaxy, visit:


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