New Releases: Little Girls – Cults EP

Toronto’s Little Girls will release the CULTS EP on September 6th 2011 on limited red vinyl and digital through Hand Drawn Dracula.

1. White Night
2. Cults
3. Ex
4. Daydream
5. Delaware
6. Nights Out
7. Nights Out (Guy Dallas Remix) – digital bonus

Even though Little Girls play live as a four-piece, CULTS was performed and recorded solely by Josh McIntyre. The music combines elements of new wave and post punk with layers of fuzz to create murky yet melodic walls of sound. Influences are drawn everywhere from both ’80s post-punk as well as hip hop production of the late J Dilla.

Over the past two years, McIntyre has released five singles, two EPs and an LP, on a variety of independent labels, including Brooklyn-based Mexican Summer and Captured Tracks, and Sixteen Tambourines in Japan.

To find out more about Little Girls, go to the following links.


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