Review: Little Girls – Cults EP

I first saw Little Girls play live at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto for the NXNE Festival 2009 and was totally blown away by their very cool, lo-fi style with obvious My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain influences. Fast forward two years and we see a definite progression in Josh McIntyre’s songwriting (he’s the brainchild behind the band) since their previous release ‘Concepts’; tracks like ‘Concepts’ and ‘Thrills’ were fuzzed out and raw. Josh recorded this new EP on his own, but brings in a band to perform live.

Their latest release, Cults EP, is not as lo-fi as earlier recordings and adds more electronic and synth based elements which definitely embellish Little Girls’ sound. ‘Cults’ is a distinct progression from previous recordings, drawing on the strengths of ‘Concepts’ and filling out the sound further with a subtle new wave direction. The Cults EP is more ‘polished’ (in a positive way) and sounds in the vein of a modern day Joy Division with its dark, eerie, multi-dimensional sound. Standout tracks on ‘Cults EP’ are ‘Delaware’ and ‘Nights Out’.

Listen to ‘Nights Out’ here

1. White Night
2. Cults
3. Ex
4. Daydream
5. Delaware
6. Nights Out

Cults EP is out on Toronto’s brilliant record label Hand Drawn Dracula on Sept 6th, 2011 on limited red vinyl and digital download. For more information about either Little Girls and Hand Drawn Dracula, visit or


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