Dudes Factory: Street Fashion / Art / Design

Don’t let the name Dudes Factory deceive you, this store is 100% cool, bringing a new concept to skate / street wear.

Every month, they bring in new artists to create and collaborate on collections for the Dudes Factory design arsenal.  This results in a creative fusion of fashion, art and design that is both dynamic and ever changing. The physical storefront is a visual playground with 2-D images, videos, and 3-D art pieces.

In my opinion, their webstore brings the most innovative part to the Dudes Factory concept. When they bring in new artists also design ‘components’ from these collections that become the raw materials for the LAB, Dudes Factory’s online software where customers are able to ‘remix’ and individualize Dudes’ products. In the laboratory, you can really customize t-shirts and hoodies by picking the garment, then selecting a graphic from the library, then resizing it. It doesn’t stop there, you can then add further graphics, icons and personalized typography to your layout. Check out the Dudes Factory LAB here.

You can find them at Torstraße 138 | 10119 Berlin
For more information, visit www.dudes-factory.com 


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