Retail Addiction: Who Killed Bambi?

Who Killed Bambi? has a number of stores in Berlin that claim they are ‘100% Corporation Free’. Who Killed Bambi? must have been started by a fan of old school punk since the name is lifted from a song by the Sex Pistols from ‘The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle’ (see the poster for the single on the left). These stores are quirky and colourful but not at all inaccessible. They had great printed band t-shirts that you would not normally find in your run-of-the-mill rock shirt shop; I found a great Joy Division t-shirt that wasn’t splattered with logos but instead had a good artistic band photo, and that’s it. I actually picked up the t-shirt at another shop, which I think was owned by Who Killed Bambi? just along Rosenthaler Strasse from the flagship store. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the name of the shop to put in here for you – bummer. At this shop and the Who Killed Bambi? stores,  the women’s clothes fun and quirky as well with everything from t-shirts to dresses to bags / accessories.

The stores are definitely worth a visit if you are in Berlin. There are a number of Who Killed Bambi shops in Berlin which are located at Rosenthaler Strasse 69 (flagship store) and 15, Litfaßplatz 4, and Sonntagsstrasse 5.

Here’s the song by The Sex Pistols

To find out more about Who Killed Bambi?, visit


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