New Releases: Pallers – The Sea of Memories

Pallers are Henrik Mårtensson and Johan Angergård, long time friends from the same small Swedish town. The duo will release their debut full-length album “The Sea Of Memories” Sept 27 on Labrador on CD, vinyl and digital. The album was produced and recorded over a three year period in apartments, basements, villas and cabins in Pallers (the neighbourhood where one member grew up), La mar, Stockholm, Miami and Cape Town. The photo above was taken by Mårtensson who is also a photographer.

“…When creating we pour everything out that has been collected in the head during decades of intense listening. One leg is always standing in the green grass of pop while the other leg is out on its own, wandering between places such as dance-floors, sandy beaches, cold concrete and a weightless existence in a bed or a hammock…” – Pallers

Pallers are a fascinating fusion of ambient / electronic and pop drawing on both worlds to create something new and unique. There is something interesting and magical happening from the combination of these two musical worlds. A close comparison would be to the dark, slower Martin Gore written tracks by Depeche Mode with spaced out vocals reminiscent of Jamie from the XX. Standouts on ‘The Sea of Memories’ are the haunting beauty of ‘Years Go, Days Pass’, moody ambience of ‘Wired’ and slow, gripping synths of ‘Nights’.

Listen to ‘Years Go, Days Pass’ below

For more information, visit Pallers online at


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