Photography: Mark Mann

Mark Mann Portrait by LuzenaLast night at the Artstar party for TIFF 2011, I met Mark Mann, a New York-based photographer (via Manchester and Glasgow), who hopped up to Toronto for the night to showcase his burlesque photo series and take burlesque photos of the party attendees with his beautiful 1940s Graflex Super D camera. Not only is he a phenomenal photographer (his work is truly stunning), but he is a really down-to-earth, nice guy considering he has taken pictures of some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports (Iggy Pop, Chris Rock, Black Eye Peas, Jerry Seinfeld, Jack Black, Rihanna). Mark’s editorial work has appeared in publications such as Men’s Health, Vibe, Spin, Fortune, Billboard, Parade and Complex.

At the Artstar party, Mark was showcasing his new series of limited edition prints which document New York City’s burlesque dancers. This series is available for purchase online through the Artstar website.

Mark Mann lucha libre projectMark also currently planning a very cool project called ‘The Lucha Libre Project’. Here’s the master plan for Lucha Libre – Mark will shoot the masked wrestlers of “Lucha Libre” in Mexico City before and after their matches on the last day of a competition using his super cool, vintage Graflex super-D camera from the 1940s. He intends to also shoot the people who surround the wrestlers including their wives, mothers, and trainers. To wrap it all up, he will also profile the retired Lucha Libre legends who are still involved in the scene. Visit the Lucha Libre Project site to find out more details.

Visit the Mann: Phtgrphr website to check out Mark’s brilliant portfolio at


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