Lambchop To Release New Album In 2012

Merge Records will release Lambchop’s 11th album, Mr. M,  on February 21, 2012. Mr. M, a collection of chilled out songs on love and loss and the detritus of everyday existence. Recorded at Mark Nevers’s Nashville Beech House studio / bungalow and dedicated to Vic Chesnutt, Mr. M includes the usual musicians – Scott Martin (drums), Matt Swanson (bass), Ryan Norris (guitar, organ), Tony Crow (piano), William Tyler (guitar) and various guests. Thickly layered black and white portraits forming a series of paintings called Beautillion Millitaire 2000 will be featured on the album sleeve and throughout the full artwork. The core of the music remains a combination of Wagner’s guitar and his soft, warm voice.

Listen to the first track from Mr. M, If Not I’ll Just Die, below.

For more information about Lambchop, visit


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