New Releases: Austra – Feel It Break (Deluxe Version)

Austra are giving their phenomenal album, Feel It Break a deluxe edition makeover. To accompany the original critically acclaimed album is a second disc containing extra material including the unreleased b-sides ‘Trip’, ‘Pianix’, ‘Believe Me’ and a cover of the classic Roy Orbison track ‘Crying’. The deluxe version of Feel It Break is out now digitally on iTunes.

If digitial isn’t your thing, Paper Bag Records will also be releasing Feel It Break ‘Deluxe Version’ physically as a 2-CD set and double LP. The physical double CD is limited to 1000 copies and will only be available in Canadian record shops and on the Paper Bag Records online store.

The b-sides from previous singles are also part of this deluxe edition including live favourite ‘Young and Gay’ and the Joni Mitchel cover ‘Woodstock’. Anchoring the deluxe version is a remix of the danceable ‘Beat and the Pulse’ which is reworked by M. Shawn Crahan, better known as Clown from Slipknot (listen below).

‘Beat and the Pulse’ (M. Shawn Crahan Motion Remix)


Disc 1

1. Darken Her Horse
2. Lose It
3. The Future
4. Beat and the Pulse
5. Spellwork
6. The Choke
7. Hate Crime
8. The Villain
9. Shoot The Water
10. The Noise
11. The Beast

Disc 2

1. Identity
2. Young and Gay
3. Energy
4. Believe Me
5. Trip
6. Pianix
7. Woodstock
8. Crying
9. Beat and the Pulse (M. Shawn Crahan [Clown Remix])


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