The Rapture Release How Deep Is Your Love? Remixes

The Rapture have released the remixes of their “How Deep Is Your Love” single which includes a remix,“Dub for Mehdi,” a reworking by A-Trak. It is a very fitting head nod to A-Trak’s long-time friend, late producer DJ Mehdi, whose recent death came as a huge loss and shock for the dance music community. The Montreal born DJ remembers how the single was influenced by Mehdi before his passing.

“When I was close to finishing [this remix], I played it to my friend, the irreplaceable DJ Mehdi. I was working on the main version of the remix, the vocal version. I knew I would make a few alternate edits during the mixdown. The funny thing was, Mehdi’s favorite part was the ending! He…suggested that I have that part come in earlier. My reaction was: that would work well for the dub version. And sure enough, when I finished mixing it down I made a dub with [his] suggestion. When I sent it to Mehdi shortly after, he responded (as a joke) that I should call it “Dub For Mehdi.” This one’s for you Memed.”

The Populette remix takes up the b-side of the single. It is out now through DFA Records and can be purchases in the DFA webstore.


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