The Balconies Present Generation Jukebox And Celebrate Audio Blood’s 3rd Birthday

The Balconies host for their ‘Jukebox Generation’, a 60s/70s covers night, at Sneaky Dee’s  on Friday, January 6th. The night will also celebrate Audio Blood Media’s third year of rock shows which is quite appropriate considering The Balconies were Audio Blood’s first client.

“There is no doubt that none of this 3-year-old-birthday-thing would even be possible if it wasn’t for the amazing community that surrounds and defines Audio Blood. The amazingly talented artists, the brilliant staff, our inspiring clients, and the dedicated fans who are out at our shows and tweeting about our bands all play a hugely significant role. This is how we say thank you!” says Audio Blood President Sari Delmar.

The Balconies are also gearing up for the official release of the “Kill Count” music video and single in Canada (view details in a previous post).

For more information, visit the facebook event or


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