New Music: My Pet Genius Get ‘Pricked’

Culture Addicts fave shoegazers, my pet genius, make a much overdue return to the music scene with a raw demo of a track that will eventually appear on their upcoming ‘Empire of Light’ double LP in its final form. We have loved this band since they released the ‘Might Strike Satellite’ EP and very excited that they are back.

Wondering where they went? Over the past 10 years, my pet genius have recorded, scraped, re-recorded, abandonned, and re-worked several album’s worth of material. They said it is ‘all towards the greater goal of creating something timeless’ and if this first raw demo for the track ‘Pricked’ is any indication, this is definitely an accurate statement.

MP3: my pet genius – Pricked (Raw Meat Mix)

We are looking forward to hearing more from ‘Empire of Light’ if the spacey, raw, and beautiful ‘Pricked’ is any indication of what’s to come later this winter from the band.

For more information on my pet genius, visit Soundcloud or Facebook.


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