Music Video Addiction: Sunday February 12, 2012 Edition

It was a long, hard week and to help me get through it all, these are the videos and tracks i was listening to. Hope you enjoy it and it you do, please share this post with your friends and / or leave a comment.

Scuba: The Hope – such an infectious beat.

Snowy Red: Never Alive – no video, but its so good that I still had to include it.

Jay-Z & Kanye West: Niggas In Paris – yep, I can see why it causes seizures.

Cloud Nothings: No Future / No Past – beautiful video and track.

Holograms: ABC City – where synths and punk collide.

Ride: Taste – perfect early 90s shoegaze pop.

Thanks for watching. We post the music video picks every Sunday so look back in the archives for older editions and pop back in again next week.

Cameron from Culture Addicts


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