PS I Love You Release Muster Sessions

Kingston, Ontario’s PS I Love You have released an album through Paper Bag Records called Muster Sessions which includes tracks from various live engagements and interview sessions recorded while promoting their debut album Meet Me At The Muster Station. They have put it up Muster Sessions as a free download, but if you like the album, you can make a donation to support the band – go here to download the full album & donate –

Album Tracklisting:
1. Subtle & Majestic (KEXP Session)
2. Meet Me at the Muster Station Part 1 (Daytrotter Session)
3. Breadends (KEXP Session)
4. 2012 (CBC Radio Q Session)
5. CBEZ (XM Session)
6. Little Spoon (XM Session)
7. Leftovers feat. Diamond Rings (Daytrotter Session)
8. Starfield (CJLO “Hooked On Sonics” Session)
9. Butterflies & Boners (CBC Radio Q Session)
10. Scattered (CJLO “Dirty Work” Session)
11. Facelove (CBC Radio Q Session)
12. Get Over (Daytrotter Session)
13. Meet Me At The Muster Station Part 2 (Daytrotter Session)

Watch ‘Leftovers’ f/ Diamond Rings below.


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