Thrill Jockey Records Announce Their Record Store Day Releases

Thrill Jockey Records have announced the vinyl new releases and reissues by Hush Arbors, Arbouretum, The Black Twig Pickers, Freakwater and Tortoise available for Record Store Day on April 21, 2012.

Hush Arbors release their first Thrill Jockey release with Arbouretum on the new Aureola split album. The two bands have been exploring for years the fusion of progressive folk and psychedelic rock, so it was a natural progression that they joined forces for this release.

Watch the video for Hush Arbors – ‘The Sleeper’ below.

The Black Twig Pickers return with two new songs on a specially pressed ‘Yellow Cat’ 7″ vinyl release for Record Store Day 2012.

Watch the video for ‘Yellow Cat’ Live at the Floyd Country Store below.

Freakwater have reissued Feels Like The Third Time which has only been in print on CD since its release, and the vinyl version has been unavailable because the record plant burnt down shortly after our initial order of vinyl arrived. The record was remastered to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE and also . The vinyl LP features seven originals and five covers by the likes of Conway Twitty, Woody Guthrie, and Nick Lowe and also includes a download card.

Watch the video for Freakwater’s ‘My Old Drunk Friend’ below.

Tortoise will reissue two singles. ‘Lonesome Sound’ was released on Thrill Jockey and features a cover of the Freakwater song of the same name. ‘Mosquito’ was released on David Sims’ (of Jesus Lizard) Torsion Music label. These releases feature the original line-up of Douglas McCombs, John McEntire, John Herndon, Bundy K. Brown, and Brad Wood. Both have been recut to vinyl by Bob Weston (Shellac) and feature the original fold-over artwork, and will be sold as a double-pack. Both 7″ sleeves can be put together to form a full four panel poster.

For more information about Record Store Day, visit


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