New Band Discovery: Mia Sparrow

Our inbox gets filled with loads of bands / PR co’s / labels trying to get our ears and eyeballs on their latest releases, but when I opened our inbox today and found a message from Dublin based 3-piece, Mia Sparrow, it reminded me why we write this blog. I started to watch the video for ‘China’s Gonna Help Us Out’ and immediately loved what was coming through my headphones – soundscape synths, fuzzed out guitars, and poppy indie hooks. Culture Addicts was started to share the music we love with the world, and Mia Sparrow needed to be shared.

Watch the video for Mia Sparrow – ‘China’s Gonna Help Us Out’

Formed in the summer of 2009, Dublin/New York based Mia Sparrow are Caroline, Paul and Ger. Their debut album, [mee-ah-spar-o] is available now for digital download via their Bandcamp. This release will be their 2nd on following on from their debut single ‘Death of a Decibel’ released in July 2011. Definitely get this one in your music collection.

For more information on Mia Sparrow, visit


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