Kick To Kill Announce New Single

Scotland’s Kick To Kill have announced the follow-up release to the brilliant debut single ‘Black Kisses’. Their new single ‘Avalanche’ is due out on May 14 on limited edition vinyl replica cd and download via Flowers In The Dustbin Records.

‘Avalanche’ is ultra catchy with the perfect mix of the beautiful and abrasive. Razor sharp guitar textures mix with distorted synth / more guitar and completely mesh with thumping drum / bass tracks. If you like A Place To Bury Strangers and / or Jesus & Mary Chain, Kick To Kill will be right up your alley.

Watch the video for ‘Avalanche’ below.

Listen to the remix of ‘Avalanche’ below.

Their debut album is set for release later this year, and will definitely be on to watch for in 2012 if Avalanche is any indication of what’s to come.

Watch the video for their debut single ‘Black Kisses’ below.

For more information on Kick To Kill, visit


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