Music Video Addiction: Sunday June 3, 2012 Edition

It was a long, gruelling week which was crapped off by a huge storm that flooded union station and then there was an idiotic shooting at Eaton Centre. These videos are what got us through this tough week – good music fixes everything. Take a listen / view, and make sure to share and / or leave a comment since we love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy the tracks as much as us.

M83: Reunion cool sci-fi inspired vid and great track.

Bear In Heaven: Sinful Nature – latest Bear In Heaven.

Handsome Furs: I’m Confused – RIP…sad to hear you are done.

Maximo Park: Hips And Lips – New Maximo Park stalker inspired vid.

PS I Love You: Princess Towers – loving this track from Death Dreams so much.

2:54: Creeping – shoegaze coolness.

Thanks for watching this edition. We’ll be back again next Sunday to offer up some more videos for your eyes and ears, so pop back in again for more music vids and look back in the archives for older editions.

Cameron from Culture Addicts


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