Music Video Addiction: Sunday July 1, 2012 Edition

Only two things to say today before getting into the videos – Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride. I hope everyone celebrating either or both events enjoys themselves and stays safe. Take a listen / view, and make sure to share and / or leave a comment since we love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy the tracks as much as us.

The Presets: Youth In Trouble their release their new album later this summer.

Diamond Rings: I’m Just Me – latest DR video.

Herpes: Very Berlin – cool video.

The Young: Livin’ Free – such cool slacker vibe to this track.

Twin Shadow: Five Seconds – their newest vid.

Rough Trade: All Touch – this one fits for both Canada Day and Pride – perfect closer.

Thanks for watching this edition. We’ll be back again next Sunday to offer up some more videos for your eyes and ears, so pop back in again for more music vids and look back in the archives for older editions.

Cameron from Culture Addicts


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