About Culture Addicts

About Culture Addicts

Culture Addicts is the brainchild of Cameron S. from the electronic band Your Pretend Boyfriend.  Culture Addicts was created to share an artist’s view of modern culture and life, and promote other artists work. The blog looks at the creative worlds of music, art, film, fashion and architecture through our eyes as cultural addicts and artists.

Submit your music – If you’re an artist, or an artist / band rep and you would like to promote your music or gig, please send your digital tracks / details to info@cultureaddicts.com.

Send physical materials like CDs, vinyl (we love vinyl) or other promo stuff to…

Culture Addicts
700 King Street West
Suite 1110
Toronto, ON
M5V 2Y6

Submit your art project / fashion label – If you are an filmmaker, artist or fashion designer, please send information about your film / art project / fashion label to info@cultureaddicts.com.

Become a contributor – To contribute to Culture Addicts, send us some info about you and relevant writing samples to info@cultureaddicts.com.


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