Culinary Addiction: Courvoisier Asks Aspiring Chefs To Get Creative

Courvoisier Canada has launched a Call For Submissions for Ontario-based culinary students and anyone who has a passion for creating culinary masterpieces at home to submit a Courvoisier cognac-infused recipe at  In an effort to get aspiring chefs thinking innovatively and move away from the perception of cognac as strictly an apéritif at the end of a meal, the program is soliciting soup, salad, hors d’oeuvres and entrée recipes infused with Courvoisier cognac.

All recipes must be submitted by August 24, 2012 and will be eligible to win The People’s Choice award which will be determined by online voting. In addition, an esteemed panel of local chef judges, including Ici Bistro’s JP Challet, The Grove’s Ben Heaton and Turf Lounge’s Michael Kirkwood, will ultimately determine the top 3 culinary student recipe submissions and best 3 at-home chef recipe submissions. These winners will have the opportunity to sample their winning dishes to media and culinary influencers at a culinary showcase event in Toronto on October 17, 2012. At the event, a winning culinary student and winning at-home chef winner will be announced by the chef judging panel, and presented with a cash prize.

Here’s a little schooling on Courvoisier by Busta Rhymes and friends below.


NXNE 2012: Doldrums @ Wrongbar June 16

It’s been a while since I saw Doldrums play live in their warehouse space, but they have really developed their sound since that show. They are a 3 piece in the current configuration of the band, made up synths, effects, sampler, and electronic / acoustic drums. Brothers Airick and Daniel work together to create a really unique vocal sound.

Doldrums are doing something completely different than what is out there in electronic music with the spacey atmospheric vocals and very bass heavy tribal / rave drum beats (in the live setting at least). Airick acts as a new age conductor leading his bandmates and the audience through a highly danceable, propulsive set.

MP3: Doldrums – Egypt

Even though there is a lot of buzz around Doldrums, they definitely deliver on the hype. I would go to see them in heartbeat when their next show pops up on the calendar. During their Wrongbar set, they played a new track that fit very nicely in with the rest of the set which came in just under 30 mins.

For more information on Doldrums, visit

NXNE 2012: MPG (My Pet Genius) @ The Great Hall June 16

MPG (My Pet Genius) made their live return last night for NXNE 2012 at the Great Hall after 13 years and it was a triumphant gig for the band.

They kicked off there set with Anjelika In Jhericurl from “Might Strike Satellite” – watch the video for the track below which was directed by Christopher Mills.

The rest of the set saw them power through a number of new tracks from their upcoming double album, “Empire Of Light”. The three core members Dean Mannella, Evan Sue-Ping and Zach Kourous were joined on bass for the latter half of the show by a member of Bronx Cheerleader. From the live set they ran through last night, Empire Of Light will definitely be an epic album and we are looking forward to hearing it.

Listen to the latest track lifted from the album.

MP3: My Pet Genius – Black Mesa Rally Cry

NXNE 2012: Silent Shout Synthbeque & Last Gang Pop-Up Shop + Party Saturday June 16

Even though the Your Pretend Boyfriend NXNE showcase was cancelled (see post with explanation here), I had to return some equipment I rented for the gig. At the rental place, I finally met Andrew Pulsifier (aka ARP 2600) who was prepping for the Silent Shout Synthbeque at Milk Glass Co.  It was good to chat with Andrew while we drove to the venue to drop off the gear.

Music is the core of NXNE, but the parties and special events tend to be a highlight for some festival attendees.

I dropped by the Last Gang party on Queen (near Bathurst) and grabbed a bottle of Steamwhistle and some Pop Chips then checked out their merch selection. I grabbed the Boys Noize Oi Oi Oi Remix EP for $6 and they gave me a bag of free CDs, vinyl, and Pop Chips.

Here’s my Boys Noize EP and all the freebies.

Check out & Down remix by Siriusmo.

NXNE 2012: Epic Show Cancellation June 15

As some of our readers know, Culture Addicts is an artist run blog and I (Cameron) was scheduled to play a NXNE showcase for my music project Your Pretend Boyfriend on June 15 at the super cool bar, Unlovable with a few electronic / DJ / hip-hop artists. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out as originally planned with the Toronto Police coming in an hour before the showcase and revoking the bar’s liquor license (great timing during NXNE) and things spiralled downwards from there. The venue made a decision to close until the suspension is lifted, which obviously knocked out all showcases for the evening. Bummer # 2 of the festival.

Even though we were unable to play and I had prepared for a couple months leading up to the showcase, three good things came out of the whole bad situation. Firstly, I met The Futureless who create dark, new wave music – and are both super nice guys, and I am liking their sound a lot. I am hoping we will have a chance to work together in the future. Check out their video below.

Second, even though we didn’t meet under the best of circumstances, Jamal from Unlovable is also really cool (great meeting him) and he will keep the bar going (it would be a loss for the city if it closed permanently). By the way, this is where the amazing Little Girls filmed the video for their track Daydream – watch it below.

Once the dust settled and I packed up all of my equipment, I was bummed out and didn’t check out any bands.

Are you wondering what happened to good thing # 3 that came out of the epic cancellation? This actually happened on Saturday June 16, so you will have to check that post as well to find out.

NXNE 2012: Rooftop Riot! + NXNeOne Kegger Thursday June 14

Thursday’s first stop was the Steam Whistle with Bonsound & Audio Blood Rooftop Riot! which featured performances by The Balconies, Les Breastfeeders, Sandman Viper Command, Mama Rosin, The Town Heroes, Ponctuation, and Hue. I grabbed a Vitamin Water (I’m a bit addicted) and Steamwhistle then checked out the bands, and caught up with old friends.

Toronto’s Hue was on stage when I arrived, who are a pretty straight up pop / rock band. Even though the venue had a last minute change to College Street above a computer store, AB and Bonsound pulled it off & it was great to be outside in the sun having drinks with friends / listening to live music.

Next up was a pleasant surprise – The Town Heroes who are a two piece (guitar & drums) from Halifax, NS. They kicked off their set with the infectious Slag Heap (watch the video below), and they continued on with a high energy indie rock set. Very enjoyable.

We finished off our drinks and headed to party # 2 via a walk through Kensington Market to the NXNeOne Kegger hosted by the super nice Eric Alper. It was great to catch up with friends and have some beer, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a veggie dog. There were also performances by members of Dearly Beloved, Die Mannequin, Secret Broadcast and Gloryhound. This is what NXNE day parties are all about.

I quickly remembered why beer is NOT my drink of choice, and I was out of commission for the reminder of the evening. Bummer.

Little Girls Release New Video From ‘Cults’

Little Girls (who are Culture Addicts faves) release their newest video for the track ‘Daydream’ which is lifted from their latest album Cults. The video is directed by James Mejia & Henry Sansom and was filmed at Toronto’s local bar Unlovable. The video has a lo-fi vibe and features the band in a narrow, dark hallway with heavy strobes and really brings across the eerie feel of the track – very cool.

Watch the video below.

You can download the remix of Daydream @ or listen to the ‘Daydream’ remix on Soundcloud below.

Catch Little Girls live at CMW2012 this week when the band play a showcase @ Parts & Labour on March 22 with Rituals and Army Girls.

For more information Little Girls, visit