Music Video Addiction: Sunday April 8, 2012 Edition

You expected bunnies, chocolates, and egg hunts, but instead we bring you glowing crucifixes, jail cells and robots. This is how we roll. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition, and make sure to share and / or leave a comment if you like what we delivered to you this week.

Porcelain Raft: Drifting In And Out – spacey, cool track.

Justice: Audio, Video, Disco. – can’t beat a glowing cross on Easter.

Magic Wands: Space – cool track from their debut album.

Black Poets: Point Of Reason – such a great track & cool video from an amazing band.

Echo & The Bunnymen: Never Stop – vintage live track.

Kraftwerk: Die Roboter – godfathers of electronic.

Thanks for watching this edition. Pop back in again next week for more music vids and look back in the archives for older editions since we post every Sunday.

Cameron from Culture Addicts


Music Video Addiction: Sunday August 28, 2011 Edition

We are back from our one week hiatus in Germany…sorry for missing last week’s edition of the music video picks, but the hotel Internet connection was far too slow to choose the vids. I hope you enjoy the selections this week; we will start and finish with German artists in honour of our visit to Berlin.

Kraftwerk: The Robots – German godfathers of electronic music…so good.

S.C.U.M: Summon The Sound – Warning – loads of strobes…love their eery sound.

Christian AIDS: Young Luv  – loving this track for a while…wanted to share.

The Maccabees: Love You Better – catchy chorus.

Curve: Coast is Clear – amazing band from the early 90s.

Atari Teenage Riot: Atari Teenage Riot – classic from Berlin based techno punks.

Check back next week for another edition of the music video picks.

Cameron from Culture Addicts